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People’s Care Comes to Town When the ribbon was cut for People’s Care Los Angeles, a world of opportunities opened up for local adults... People’s Care Los Angeles

People’s Care Comes to Town

When the ribbon was cut for People’s Care Los Angeles, a world of opportunities opened up for local adults with developmental disabilities. A part of People’s Care, a chain of facilities with support programs for the physically and mentally disabled, People’s Los Angeles will offer services such as job training and computer use, as well as life skills, including cooking and gardening.

“We are helping individuals to go out and get a life, “said Kofi Jones, program manager. “That’s what we offer-a variety of ways to achieve that, to assist them develop community skills, sometimes vocational skills, depending on what that individual needs. We design programs around the individual.”

“Individual” is the operative word. With a maximum ration of three participants to one staff member in a given program, People’s Care Los Angeles clientele literally have plans designed to meet their needs.

“We provide job coaching on a variety of different skills, such as computer, gardening, training, fitness…it could be as simple as showing them how to dress for interviews,” said Alex Corzo, talent acquisition manager for People’s Care, Inc.

Corzo has been seeking and hiring men and women who are interested in working as a support professional, licensed vocational nurse, or licensed psychiatric technician in Los Angeles. Some of the best candidates for employment with People’s Care are those with experience assisting a family member with disabilities, or who have a professional background in a related field.
Program participants, locals who will live in the residential homes, are chosen by the Los Angeles County Regional Center, a non-profit agency advocating for those with developmental disabilities.

“What I think is most thrilling is that a lot of our programs help individuals in getting jobs,” said Jones. “We take a more creative look at what is considered work…not just traditional employment, but they can become valued contributors to the community. We hope to help peoples find their bliss.”

Community integration is at top of the list of goals for People’s Care, said Jones.
“What you see is that even when individuals from our community are taken into their own communities, they are often separated,” explained Jones. “It really limits their ability to integrate into their community. The programs offer not only what interests the individual, but also what already exists in the world. They need to be able to go to churches, explore their own communities.”

People’s Care has been hard at work preparing to open the new facility. They have had to acquire licensing by the State of California and gain approval of programming by the Regional Center.

“We’ve already been transforming the beautiful homes, establishing a horticulture program,” said Jones. “Each home has a front yard and back yard. The participants have full access for horticulture and gardening….we are currently trying to establish other programs such as sports and fitness. All of our participants are encouraged to practice life skills, such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning.”

With more than 1,000 employees, People’s Care is a fast-growing company with dozens of location throughout California, some offering Day Programs, Autism Services and Community Integration Programs. People’s Care Los Angeles has multiple locations in West Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

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