The Culture Map
A German human resources manager arrives right on time for your meeting, but the Nigerian executive is 20 minutes late. Your Japanese hosts invite you out for a night of drinking – do you have to go in order to do business? Feedback from a candid French manager leaves... Read more
Overworked and Overwhelmed
Many professionals feel burned out due to increased responsibilities at work, a corporate downsizing or restructuring, the constant onslaught of technology, or other aspects of modern life. Leadership coach Scott Eblin shows busy executives how to develop mindfulness through awareness and intention. He created the “Life GPS” model to... Read more
Agile Selling
Companies give most businesspeople the time they need to learn their jobs. However, sales professionals rarely get that opportunity and often must learn everything on the fly. Companies often expect salespeople to produce right away, but that isn’t always possible or prudent. Veteran sales expert Jill Konrath explains how... Read more
Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success
Life is a matter of choices. You can repeat the same dull routine every day for years or decide to look within yourself for the special gift that will unlock your potential. Let comedian and talk-show host Steve Harvey, a rags-to-riches victor himself, inspire you to reach for the... Read more
Present Shock
Decades ago, futurist Alvin Toffler said change would accelerate so fast that people would experience “future shock.” Tech expert Douglas Rushkoff believes today’s problem is “present shock.” Phones beep constantly with tweets and text alerts that are immediately outdated. Firms make decisions based on short-term gains. Rushkoff argues that... Read more