Vet Gets New Life Through Combat Veterans to Careers
Lieutenant Commander Holly Shaffner, USCG, ret. had a career and transition out of the military that was quite unique. As a female, Holly was one of the 203,000 women active-duty in the entire United State military. Like so many others, Holly Shaffner was originally attracted to the military for... Read more
A Logistical Career Change
After 1 ½ years of working hard and performing well at her job, Regina Lomeli was at first stunned, and then plain dismayed, when told her services were no longer needed. What appeared to be more obvious was that her replacement was someone who did not come with the... Read more
Basics for Today’s Businesswomen
Advice and trends for female entrepreneurs In today’s technology driven age, the successful small business owner is a savvy individual with a passion for their product. A survey recently conducted by and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) gathered insights from women-owned businesses across the nation.... Read more
How Women May Be The Difference Makers In Business Leadership
Businesses do a poor job picking managers to lead their employees, collectively costing companies billions of dollars each year, according to a recent Gallup report titled “State of the American Manager.” The report is based on more than “four decades of extensive talent research, a study of 2.5 million... Read more
Why Businesswomen Should Embrace Their Inner Sofia Vergara
There’s more to Sofia Vergara, the top-earning actress on television for three years running, than meets the eye, says executive and business coach Debora McLaughlin. “She’s a wildly successful entrepreneur who embraces herself, including her own beauty, her 40s, her health as a thyroid cancer survivor, her previous status... Read more
5 Steps Women Should Consider Making to Take Control of their Financial Future
When it comes to women and money, there is some good news, says Lance Drucker, ChFC, CLU, a veteran financial professional. On average, women are more independent and financially literate than ever before, he says. On the other hand, Prudential’s eighth biennial study titled Financial Experience & Behavior Among... Read more