That’s Outside My Boat
What do Olympic rowers, a radio host, a TV producer, three NFL players, a sailboat skipper, an explorer, a sports columnist and a golf-course architect all have in common? They operate according to the same principle: Don’t worry about “what you can’t control”; focus only on “what you can... Read more
Commit to Win
Do you want to lose weight, give up smoking, begin an exercise program or learn a new language? Whatever your objective, don’t rely on sheer willpower alone. It won’t be enough. Instead, craft an intelligent commitment “action plan.” Communication expert Heidi Reeder draws on 15 years of experience teaching... Read more
Dealing with the Tough Stuff
Behavioral scientist Darren Hill and psychologists Alison Hill and Sean Richardson explain that behaviors are difficult, but people aren’t, at least, not most people. To show leaders how to handle difficult workplace conversations, the authors discuss verbal and nonverbal communication, restructuring, termination, crisis management, and more. Their advice is... Read more
Will retiring baby boomers bankrupt Social Security and Medicare? Are millions headed for a disastrous retirement with inadequate savings? Economics writer Chris Farrell thinks not. In this engaging, optimistic report, he shows that US workers are staying on the job longer – which fuels growth and infuses the economy... Read more
Rookie Smarts
Leadership expert Liz Wiseman says that “beginner’s luck” on a job may be the result of “Rookie Smarts.” She contends that experience can become a hindrance when it blinds people to opportunities, inhibits their ability to react or leads them to ignore new input. As newcomers, rookies naturally seek... Read more
Insight Selling
The Internet provides such comprehensive product information that B2B buyers needn’t deal with B2B sellers until quite late in the sales cycle. At that stage, customers don’t need features-and-benefits information; they need specific insights told through stories that are tailored to their situation. Sales-training expert Michael Harris explains how... Read more
Flawless Consulting
Expert consultant Peter Block’s step-by-step guide details how to become more successful in your client-consultant relationships and practice. Block provides process-relevant checklists and topical illustrations that are particularly useful for people who are new to the trade. His message is clear: Dress down, follow your mind and heart, and... Read more
Your Leadership Story
Negative stories about corporate leaders can damage their reputations and undermine their leadership impact. Leaders can’t lead without their colleagues’ regard. Monitor what people think of you, and be ready to replace whispered negative hearsay with positive facts. Prepare to tell a good “leadership story” about yourself in words... Read more
Stop Playing Safe
When people face a challenge, they often retreat into inaction. Human-potential expert, columnist and consultant Margie Warrell explains how to avoid this trap. An inspiring writer whose work is displayed to advantage in this attractive book, she combines her insights with ideas from other thinkers to show you how... Read more
Developing Human Capital
The economy and the workforce have evolved beyond the traditional understanding and capabilities of many human resources (HR) and training divisions. As HR analysts and learning experts Gene Pease, Bonnie Beresford and Lew Walker argue, other professions effectively leverage data and evidence in making decisions, yet HR and learning... Read more