Sales Culture and Customer Service: Perfect Together!
Building a sales culture and creating a culture of exceptional customer service are closely linked but they are not the same. In fact, great customer service is a vital subset of a great sales culture—two processes that fuel one another. You cannot truly have one without the other. A... Read more
4 Ways to Boost Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction
Kevin Wilson was a great leader, but his team was not producing the results he knew they were capable of. One day he arranged a meeting with Jim Hefner, a recently retired executive who had built and led a team that shattered every single company performance record. “Jim, how’d... Read more
Using Personality Styles to Get More from Your Employees
Retailers have tried everything it seems to get employees to sell more. Sometimes training helps, sometimes it doesn’t and so many try to hire the natural born salesperson. That doesn’t really work either because generally they are few and far between, but if you leverage their personality styles, you... Read more
Leakproof Leadership: The Security of Character
In a time when everything is someone else’s fault and serious wrongdoing often goes unpunished, it often seems as though we’ve lost all sight of what it means to be a business person of character and integrity. Every day, from community leaders to elected officials, from clergy to corporate... Read more
The Three P’s of Powerful Leadership
Leadership is not a position! A local newspaper has a daily section titled “Progressions” allowing companies to publicly recognize employees who have been promoted to leadership positions such as general manager. The announcement is a very nice recognition for the new leader, but the promotion, in and of itself,... Read more
Being Liked Is Serious Business
Ten Steps for Repairing and Protecting Your Online Reputation “The worst customer service experience ever! The bed was dirty, and the bathroom had hair on the toilet seat. My dog refused to enter the room. He slept in the car. I don’t know why I didn’t do the same... Read more
The 4 Keys to Building Rapport
Emily, a sales manager in a large organization, was having significant challenges with her team. Communication with team members was inconsistent, and she continually struggled to motivate them. Her team was regularly missing their monthly objectives, and failed to provide meaningful status updates. The core issue Emily faced is... Read more
Five Critical Mistakes That Blunt Leadership Effectiveness
Since 2000, according to numerous national surveys, less than one-third of workers in the United States are engaged in their work as measured by their involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment to their work. If you simply reflect on your most recent encounter as a consumer at your local retail store,... Read more
10 Actions That Highlight You as a Leader
People who have been followers too long as an employee don’t realize how hard it is to be a leader. Every new entrepreneur has to initiate the right actions to be perceived as a leader in their chosen business domain by their team and by their customers, or the... Read more