Taking Inventory Assess your living and working space
Assess your living and working space Do you feel sluggish? Do you have the energy to get through your day? Does it sometimes feel like some invisible hand is blocking you from success? We all feel like this from time to time. Before looking to the medicine cabinet for... Read more
Health = Wealth
 Clear your heart and mind of clutter Where do you place your health and fitness on your list of priorities? Seriously, make a list and examine it closely. Is working late hours a higher priority than working out? Does scoring the next raise and promotion rate higher with you... Read more
Clear Your Heart and Mind of Clutter Going on an interview during your lunch hour? That’s stressful enough. But you’re also probably trying to do it undercover so that your boss and colleagues don’t find out. And you’ve only got an hour to dash out to the interview and... Read more
Dazed & Confused
The clock is ticking. Your deadline looms ever closer. Pressure is mounting. Yet, you can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand. Juggling multiple projects is your forte, so why the confusion and lack of concentration? Although it may very well be a classic case of spring fever... Read more
Past Tense
Ever walk into a vacant conference room and want to leave immediately? You may have even wrinkled your nose unconsciously, as if the air had a peculiar stench to it. Chances are you were picking up on some residue from the past usage of the room. It might have... Read more
Balancing Your Bagua
Feng Shui revolves around the 9 sectors of the bagua. Each area of life is addressed by a Feng Shui category. What if we were to organize our work day by using the bagua as a guide? Here’s how it might go: CAREER Begin by reviewing career goals. Are... Read more
Portable Feng Shui
Many of us in the working world travel frequently for business purposes. Whether it’s an extended stay at a corporate suite or an over-nighter at a Motel 6 ®, there’s much that could be done to improve both the “home away from home” quality and the positive feng shui... Read more