Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool
In business today, effective influence is essential. Want your ideas implemented? You must influence others to act on them. Want more clients? You must influence people to buy from you. Want more advancement or responsibility? You must influence executives to see the value you offer. And to be an... Read more
5 Steps Women Should Consider Making to Take Control of their Financial Future
When it comes to women and money, there is some good news, says Lance Drucker, ChFC, CLU, a veteran financial professional. On average, women are more independent and financially literate than ever before, he says. On the other hand, Prudential’s eighth biennial study titled Financial Experience & Behavior Among... Read more
10 Actions That Highlight You as a Leader
People who have been followers too long as an employee don’t realize how hard it is to be a leader. Every new entrepreneur has to initiate the right actions to be perceived as a leader in their chosen business domain by their team and by their customers, or the... Read more
Salvador Carrasco
Photos and Text by Francesco Caprio On January 10th, Salvador received the Impact Award at the Santa Monica Film Festival. The award is given for the cultural impact that Santa Monica College (SMC) has had nationwide and internationally in terms of offering one of the top film programs at... Read more