Work- Life Balance: Finding The Right Job For Your Purpose
The corporate world is susceptible to fads. Work-life balance, a push to properly prioritize work in relation to lifestyle, features the kind of fad-ish thinking that can lead gifted people down the wrong path, says talent expert Brian Mohr. “Think of those who love their job – for them,... Read more
Top Business Books
With help from getAbstract, the world’s largest library of business book summaries, Working World takes a quick look at the TOP 5 Business Books. 1. What Your Boss Really Wants from You How do you get along with the world’s worst boss? Leadership consultant Steve Arneson knows. Whether your... Read more
How To Maximize The Risk-Reward  Relationship In Corporate Settings
A Safe Environment For Expressing Ideas Plays A Key Role In Innovation There’s no shortage of fanfare for the hottest corporate buzzword of the past several years – innovation. As Forbes noted in a 2012 article, the word has become the “awesome” of corporate speak. Innovation is the quality... Read more
Keeping Your Personal Brand Alive Is A Must For Success In Today’s Marketplace
How To Promote The Most Personal Product Of All Turn on the television, pick up a newspaper or visit the Internet and you will be inundated with messages about brand products. Tide is a brand. Pepsi is a brand. Nike is a brand. And so are you – or... Read more
Hashtagging Your Way  To Social Media Relevance
Those Seemingly Inconsequential Hashtags Are Crucial To Gaining More Exposure For Your Brand Not so many years ago, many people probably paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know, the one that looks like this: #. Then along came Twitter and what we have... Read more
4 Steps That Can Help  End Unemployment And Poverty Now
Economist Says Monopoly Capitalism Is The Main Cause Of Economic Doldrums More than seven years after the Great Recession began in 2007, many Americans are still struggling to put their economic lives back together. Factors such as low wages, high interest rates on credit cards and a mediocre job... Read more
5 Simple Secrets to Creating the Career You Want
(BPT) – Singer-song writer Willie Nelson once said that “99 percent of the world’s lovers are not with their first choice. That’s what makes the juke box play.” The majority of the American workforce knows just what Willie meant; they’re not in love with their careers and may be... Read more
Union Institute & University celebrates National Library Week
Union Institute & University together with the American Library Association (ALA) is celebrating National Library Week, April 10-16, 2016. This year’s theme is Libraries Transform. “The National Library Week theme Libraries Transform is very relevant to the mission of Union Institute & University because we are committed to the... Read more
Playing it Forward: The Benefits of Fun in the Workplace
To have fun or not to have fun? That is the question. Are you curious how companies like Google, Zappos, Southwest and others develop those winning workplace cultures, with such high productivity and profitability? Regardless of the industry, there is a common thread running through the highest performing companies:... Read more
Career College or Community College? Deciding Which is Right for You
What’s the difference between a career college and community college? While both types of learning institutions share the goal of enriching students’ lives through education, the experience they provide to students can vary greatly. Community college, educational and social enrichment Community colleges are designed to serve a diverse group... Read more