A hands-on alternative for Working Vets The G.I. Bill is a great way to get a college education, but what if college is not for you? If you’re a veteran, in the reserves or serving with the National Guard and you want to pursue a hands-on field like auto... Read more
Civilian-ize your resume
5 Resume Tips for Vets The skills you developed as a service member are truly valuable and in high demand, but describing those skills to a prospective employer can be difficult. Tailoring your military resume to fit a civilian career is a necessary evil. You just have to learn... Read more
Get the Job Done, Hire a Vet
Obama Stresses Country’s Debt to Veterans ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va., November 11, 2015 — Americans must do more than simply recognize what veterans mean to the country one day a year, President Barack Obama said here today. While it is right and proper to recognize veterans on Veterans Day,... Read more
From Fatigues to Pinstripes
Interviewing for Success Your military experience has equipped you with highly sought-after characteristics that employers seek: discipline, integrity, managerial skills and the ability to work under pressure. It’s your job to make sure a prospective employer understands how you will apply those traits and experience to the position you... Read more
How a veteran can approach management about accommodations I’m a veteran who’s been lucky enough to come home in one slightly damaged piece, and get a job in my field (technology). I’m smart and productive. The problem is that my injuries have given me serious back problems, so I... Read more
Next Assignment: The Civilian Workplace We asked Maj. Gen. Mary J. Kight, a retired Air Force officer and the former adjutant general of the California National Guard, what advice she would offer veterans entering the civilian workplace today. Here are three tips from the former Cal Guard adjutant General:... Read more
Ready to Serve: Corporate America
Top career tips & resources for transitioning Veterans As Veterans prepare to transition out of the military, many challenges exist; challenges that make it more important than ever to prepare, define, network and strategize an objective for life in the civilian workforce! Fortunately, there are more resources available to... Read more
10 Reasons to Hire a Veteran Today
 Hiring a veteran is more than a patriotic act. It is a prudent and profitable business strategy. 1. Trainability and adaptability Veterans have a proven ability to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. Service members are graduates of the world’s largest system of professional and technical training schools operated... Read more
You’ve Got The Job Interview, Now What?
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