Obtaining your dream job is rarely ever easy. However, obstacles fall away in the face of persistence. PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley is an example of putting that success principle to use. Sticking with your goal long enough will lead to ultimate success. Everybody starts out somewhere. Tavis... Read more
North-West College
Providing Affordable Health Care Education for Nearly 50 Years Since its doors first opened in 1966, North-West College has been committed to equipping students to enter and advance in the health care field, graduating more than 45,000 students at seven campus locations in Southern California over the past 50... Read more
Finding a job after getting out of state prison in California
Employment discrimination based on past criminal history is common and is illegal.  In California, it is illegal to discriminate based on a vacated criminal conviction. In California the law allows certain individuals with old criminal records to petition the court to clear criminal offense from the record. A Certificate... Read more
Getting Hired When You Have A Criminal Record
A criminal record should not prevent you from finding employment. Employers are increasing conducting background checks as part of the hiring process.  A past criminal conviction from years ago may make it impossible to find work. Many talented people are prevented from re-entering the work force everyday. Employment discrimination based... Read more
Obtaining A Job When You Have A Criminal Record
Today’s job market is intensely competitive. Employers are conducting background checks as part of the hiring process. Even if it has been years since a past criminal conviction those applying for jobs are often unable to find work. Many talented people are locked out of the job market because... Read more