Your Four-Step Plan to Changing Careers and Becoming a Teacher
What’s your goal for 2016? Do you want to lose weight, learn a new skill or quit smoking? Perhaps you’ve decided to set goals around your career instead. Earning more money or getting promoted are common pursuits, but what if your goal is bigger than just moving up in... Read more
How To Make Your First Million As If It Were Your Second
Experience Clarifies Lessons For Success, Says Serial Entrepreneur “If only you’d known then what you know now” is a statement we could all make several times throughout our lives, says serial entrepreneur Parviz Firouzgar. “I’m not just talking about knowing the winning lottery numbers an hour in advance to... Read more
The Salvation Army Haven Veterans Employment Services– Helping Veterans Stand Out
Too often we hear Veterans say “I have served my country, achieved my mission but no matter how hard and long I try, I can’t get a job.” Or for those Veterans that have a job, too many are working in low paying entry level positions that are clearly... Read more
Work- Life Balance: Finding The Right Job For Your Purpose
The corporate world is susceptible to fads. Work-life balance, a push to properly prioritize work in relation to lifestyle, features the kind of fad-ish thinking that can lead gifted people down the wrong path, says talent expert Brian Mohr. “Think of those who love their job – for them,... Read more
Keeping Your Personal Brand Alive Is A Must For Success In Today’s Marketplace
How To Promote The Most Personal Product Of All Turn on the television, pick up a newspaper or visit the Internet and you will be inundated with messages about brand products. Tide is a brand. Pepsi is a brand. Nike is a brand. And so are you – or... Read more
Stressed and Oppressed
Your Jewish Fairy Godmother is available to anyone with a question about coping with contemporary life. She’s clever. She’s wise. She’s relentless. She cares. And she’s on your side. Everybody needs one. Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother: I have recently been promoted to the supervisor position in my department. My... Read more
Video Interviews
Why do employers use video interviews? Some job seekers express skepticism when asked to do video interviews, especially pre-recorded asynchronous videos. “Why is this necessary?” is a question we often hear. We find that there are a few reasons employers ask job seekers tor record video interviews:  Volume: Employers... Read more
New Job, No Boundaries
Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother: I just got a new job as executive director of a nonprofit. During negotiations I was explicit about my need to transition and also have two weeks between jobs with zero commitments. But because the departing director has done nothing for years, the board is... Read more
Flex Schedule
Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother: I work about 28 hours in the office, but most weeks its closer to 35 total because I am on call 24/7 to the execs. I mean 24/7. My bosses don’t think twice about calling me Saturday night or wanting an email answer by 5... Read more
Standing Out From the Pack
Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother: Is there a surefire way to distinguish myself at work? I’m very ambitious and want to get promoted, but my boss pays me little attention other than my annual performance review. Upwardly Mobile Dear Upwardly Mobile: I’m assuming you’re getting good reviews, or you’d be... Read more