Working Smart: A New Career in Six Months or Less

Working Smart

Working Smart: A New Career in Six Months or Less

Five Careers That Will Get You to Work, Fast

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Not everyone has the luxury of going off to college, wasting that freshman year, switching majors midstream and then having a leisurely look around at jobs that might be interesting. No, some of us need to work almost immediately — if not sooner. Here are five jobs, then, that require less than half a year in skill preparation, some only weeks.

1. Phlebotomist. It takes about 80 hours of training, and you will need certification by the California Department of Health Services. Jobs are plentiful in hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics. You draw blood samples for laboratory tests, and some phlebotomists even visit shut-ins at homes and extended care facilities. Salary range is from $24,000 to $37,000 yearly.

2. Manicurist. Job growth is favorable, and this field requires much less preparation than a full cosmetology license. The salary is lower, too, around $20,000 yearly.

3. Health/Medical Interpreters. You will enter a growing job market. You work in medical settings of all sorts and can make $35,000-$60,000 depending on skill. Certificate programs range from 40 to 400 hours.

4. Heavy Equipment Operator. A childhood fantasy come true? Learn to operate forklifts, mobile cranes and Class A trucks. Most training takes about three weeks, and multiple certificates are available; salary is variable. Even with construction in a slowdown, warehouse operators and shippers use people with these skills.

5. Paralegal. There is no universal certificate for paralegals, and training programs vary; some go with on-the-job training. However you break in, it is a lucrative field that can lead to self-employment. Jobs are plentiful. 
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